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Benefits of our LeviCare Client Booking Portal

We’ve invested in a bespoke client booking portal that allows our clients to take full control when it comes to resourcing agency staff for their healthcare organisation. Read more about how you can utilise our portal to take full control of your agency staffing measures quickly and efficiently by choosing to work with LeviCare for your staffing solutions.
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Nurse placing a blood pressure machine on an older man with care.

4 things employers look for in potential candidates

If you're on the job hunt, you've probably been told that your resume and cover letter are your best chances to make a good impression, so they must be perfect. But while those documents are critical to getting your foot in the door, they won't get you very far unless you have other key skills too. As Healthcare Recruiters - we know exactly what your potential employers are looking for...
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How to ace a job interview

A job interview is your opportunity to make a good impression on the employer and secure a job, but it can be nerve-wracking to know you're being evaluated from the minute you arrive. As recruiters, we know exactly what employers are looking for and what you should do to make sure you stand out from the rest of the applicants.
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A carer smiling and talking to a man in a wheelchair.

5 reasons why you should consider a career in the care industry

Working in care isn’t for everyone. It takes determination, dedication and a real sense of passion and respect for the profession. You should never just step into a care based role just to ‘have a job’, but if you’re really looking to make a difference and begin an extremely rewarding career, then care work might just be for you.
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Our view on staffing supply & demand | Staffing agencies for Healthcare

The last 2 years in healthcare has been difficult across the board with staffing issues being raised across all organizations in this sector. Staffing levels in the healthcare sector have dramatically changed due to factors such as Covid, the legislation associated with it, the increased workload pressure on those working on the front line and the prioritisation of the NHS.
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