4 things employers look for in potential candidates

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June 23, 2022

If you're on the job hunt, you've probably been told that your resume and cover letter are your best chances to make a good impression, so they must be perfect. But while those documents are critical to getting your foot in the door, they won't get you very far unless you have other key skills too. Here are four things employers look for when deciding whether or not to hire someone:

Relevant skills

After qualifications of course, skills are the second most important thing employers look for in potential candidates. Skills are the foundation of your career and the foundation of what you can sell to an employer. If you're good at something, then it's worth noting in your resume and cover letter.

Positive personality

Employers look for candidates with the ability to work well with others, under pressure and independently. Personality is everything when it comes to jobs. You must have at least basic communication skills so that you can build relationships with your colleagues and clients while working on a team or independently. Employers want candidates who are able to learn new things quickly because they will be more likely to keep up with the latest technologies that come out in their field.


Agility is the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations. It involves being able to adapt to change quickly, be flexible and adaptable, creative and think outside the box, a good team player and problem solver.

Culture Fit

The second thing employers look for when hiring new employees is culture fit. It's important to show that you will be a good fit with the company and team, so that if hired, you will be able to succeed in your role.

To show that you are a good culture fit:

  • Have an actual understanding of the company's mission and goals (and share them)
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for their work
  • Show knowledge about their products/services/industry

Employers are looking for more than experience in potential candidates

The internet is rife with lists of skills employers look for in potential candidates. The problem is that most of them are outdated, don’t reflect how the job market has changed, or simply aren't true anymore.

In reality, employers are looking for more than experience and technical skills in potential candidates. They want your personality to match theirs; they want to feel like you're a good fit for their culture. They want you to demonstrate that you’re agile and able to adapt quickly; they want you ready to take on whatever challenges come your way without needing things spelled out step by step first (because they know they can trust you).

The best way to showcase these qualities is through stories: Talk about what your previous bosses or colleagues would say if asked about your work ethic, project management style, leadership abilities — anything that makes them describe what sort of person/employee/colleague/team member they think someone like yourself would make.


We live in an era where it takes more than just a resume to make an impression on potential employers. This can be scary, but it’s also the truth. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the people who have a say over your future, then you need to bring something new and different to the table. It doesn’t matter if that’s a degree from MIT or years of experience working on ships; all that matters is that you put yourself out there with confidence and passion for what you can offer. Just remember: skills are easy to learn, personality will always stay with us no matter where we go or how hard life gets.

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