5 reasons why you should consider a career in the care industry

A carer smiling and talking to a man in a wheelchair.
March 10, 2022

Working in care isn’t for everyone. It takes determination, dedication and a real sense of passion and respect for the profession. You should never just step into a care based role just to ‘have a job’, but if you’re really looking to make a difference and begin an extremely rewarding career, then care work might just be for you.

So, other than being a highly respected career that often lasts a lifetime, why else might you consider working in care?

  1. Is the 9-5 grind not for you? Care work brings flexibility…

The care industry operates 24/7 with thousands of people requiring around-the-clock care, meaning employees are put on alternating shifts that span each 24 hour period. The flexibility of these shift patterns means that those who choose a career in care, can often find themselves a role that fits around their life commitments. Whether you choose to work full-time, part-time, days, nights or even rolling shift patterns, there are hundreds of positions available in healthcare.

Another huge advantage of care work is once you have the qualifications and skills, you’ll always be able to step back into the industry. Maybe you want to travel, or venture into another opportunity for a year or so… it’s likely that you’ll be able to return back to care work when it suits you.

  1. Opportunities for qualifications and further professional development

You don’t always need to be fully qualified to find a job in the career industry, as many roles offer on-the-job training to ensure employees have the necessary skills and work in accordance with each individual workplace’s policies and procedures.

There are numerous opportunities to continue with your professional development in care by working towards additional training and qualifications as your time in each role expands. Not only will you soon be fully trained and qualified for your own position, you can choose to work towards a different role or a higher position in the future should you wish to!

  1. Every day is different!

One of the biggest perks (and also challenges) of working in the care industry is the variety that the role brings. No matter which role you venture into, you’ll forever be experiencing new environments, meeting new people and completing different tasks every single day.

This range of diversity in your day-to-day schedules will allow you to learn how to adapt yourself to different situations and figure out ways to ensure you always provide the best personalised care experience for your service users.

  1. Each company has their own range of perks

In addition to flexible working and continued professional development, there are a number of benefits that choosing a career in the care industry can bring. These can include: competitive salaries, paid overtime, bonuses, pensions, generous holiday allowances, loyalty schemes and more.

At LeviCare, we have a number of benefits that all of our candidates get access to when they choose to work for us! Reach out to find out more.

  1. True job satisfaction

Working in care is truly one of the most rewarding jobs you can choose, so it’s no surprise that so many people who work in the healthcare industry attribute this sense of fulfillment as the main reason they love their job.

Every single day you’re helping someone in need and making their lives easier in some way, whether it’s through expert medical care, lending a supportive hand or just letting them vent for a while! However you lend your support, knowing that you’re making a difference can really provide a huge sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

At LeviCare, we're always on the lookout for passionate, motivated individuals who are looking to further their careers and find a job that they love.

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