Benefits of our LeviCare Client Booking Portal

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July 27, 2022

We've recently invested in a bespoke client booking portal which allows our clients to take full control when it comes to resourcing agency staff for their healthcare organisation. LeviCare fully understand that managing and organising resource at your location can be time consuming and a frustrating process. This is why we have streamlined and developed our system so that you can have access to our experienced team members  in a fast, user-friendly and efficient way.

Upload your shift vacancies without the hassle of endless phone calls and emails

There’s no need now to make endless calls and send multiple emails, all you need to do is upload your shifts onto our portal to manage your resourcing needs. The portal enables you to control exactly how many vacancies are needed to cover your service, whether it’s a nurse, a carer or a senior. There’s no need to worry whether your request has been received, as you’ve just made it in real time.

The benefits when using our booking portal are, you can have peace of mind that you have requested the right amount of shifts and even if you need to cancel the unbooked shift, you can do that at the click of a button.

We have management information reports that can be downloaded which enable management teams to view how much agency staff has been booked and requested; this can be viewed by location and by unit. Once you have placed a vacancy, our dedicated bookings team will publish your vacancy to our frontline team.

Take full control of the hours allocated to agency staff

The essence of the LeviCare booking system is to allow our clients to take full control of the shifts they upload, to receive real time information and updates and to give the ability to cancel unbooked shifts. You only add shifts for the exact number of temporary staff that you need, and can block book for as long as you require – with no restrictions on how many weeks or months in advance you do it.

This allows complete flexibility with regards to your staffing requirements and avoids any unnecessary overheads from having too many people booked in at one time.

Real time updates and notifications

A major frustration our clients have expressed is not receiving notifications when their current agency supplier has filled a shift or vacancy. Your portal will allow you to receive real time information when a shift has been booked and accepted by a frontline team member. So this means that you don’t have to wait around unnecessarily for an update as to whether your shifts/vacancies have been filled, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Save time and improve efficiency

As healthcare managers, we know how essential it is that your time is managed effectively in order to ensure service users are given the best quality care and attention as possible. By utilizing the LeviCare booking portal, you will reduce the amount of time spent organizing agency staffing, are more likely to avoid mistakes and errors and will also reduce overall costs.

Not only does the system allow you to take control, it also improves communication and transparency between departments. It reduces paperwork and provides a clear increase in efficiency as you can now manage all agency staffing in one place.

View all approved timesheets instantly

With the portal, everything is digital and that includes the timesheets. You have the ability to view signed timesheets online which enables you to have absolute clarity on how many hours you will be paying for and exactly who has authorised that particular timesheet. Again, the information is real time and you can view this information with the click of a button, it’s that simple.

Reduce paperwork by going fully digital

Forget having paperwork dotted around the office, you can now see everything you need to know in one place on your computer screen. When you have digital records of all communications between candidate, client and agency, there is no need for printing costs or administration costs associated with writing letters and emails.

View candidates full profiles at the click of a button

Based on client feedback, another frustration highlighted to us was obtaining profiles from agencies and not knowing when a name change has occurred. Our clients are now able to view our frontline teams profiles online and in real time. The real time is relevant especially when there is a name change, as the system will automatically update when a name change has occurred. Our clients now have peace of mind knowing exactly who will be walking through their door. So therefore, if the CQC has to make a visit, be rest assured that you can demonstrate exactly who is in your building from an agency and demonstrate that they are competent and compliant.

No more communication issues between the home and the agency

We recently asked our clients this question: “What are your 3 major pain points when using a recruitment agency for your staffing solutions?”

One of the most common responses we received was the communication breakdown between the home and the agency, especially with relation name changes and rota/candidate confirmations made from the agency to the home. Every care facility, for safeguarding purposes, must know “who” is actually walking through their door at the start of each shift. On top of this, managers also want to know whether the candidate filling the shifts will be compliant, competent and will add value to their permanent team. With the LeviCare booking system, all changes are instant. Should a candidate change for any reason, as soon as this has been added to the system, it will update on the clients schedule/rota. No more “Why isnt your name on our rota?, “We didn’t book you? or “Why hasn't XYZ turned up?”

So, our questions to you are:

  • Would you like to be more in control when booking staff with an agency?
  • Do you want your agency staff member to actually make a difference or just fill the gap?
  • Would you like to understand exactly how much agency staff you have booked over a week/month or between any date range just by clicking a few options on your screen?
  • Are you worried about the amount of time it takes for your agency supplier to get back to you and confirm they have covered the shift you need covering?
  • Are you positive that you are getting the best value for what you are paying? (i.e. quality of staff & service, continuity, simplified processes etc)
  • Do you know exactly what you are being charged by your supplier and what for?
  • Are you truly getting a personalised service from an account management team?

Are you interested in a free demonstration to see how we can benefit your service to add value to the service that you provide to your clients?

Feel free to speak to one of our Business Support Executives on 0161 207 0607 or email us at and we’ll arrange a time that best suits you!